Ø: 4.1 / Fully ground HSS metal drill bit -STEAM treatment -TivolyNorm -h8 -Double ended (Supple pouch) / L: 55

Reference : 11402710410


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Compact drill for drilling steel and stainless steel sheets. Doubled life thanks to its double sharpening.

  • Automatic centring
  • 118° tip
  • Cylindrical shank
  • 30° type N flute
  • High-speed steel


  • Machine conventionnelle Machine conventionnelle
  • Drill press Drill press
  • Corded Drill Corded Drill
  • Cordless Screwdriver Cordless Screwdriver
  • Pneumatic drill Pneumatic drill


  • High speed steel (tool material) High speed steel (tool material)
  • Steam homo surface treatment Steam homo surface treatment
  • Tivoly standard norm Tivoly standard norm
  • Extra short series 1xØ Extra short series 1xØ
  • Cross-point sharpening Cross-point sharpening
  • Angle at top of tool Angle at top of tool
  • Geometry of the flute Geometry of the flute
  • Tolerance Tolerance
  • Helix angle Helix angle
  • Cylindrical attachment Cylindrical attachment


  • M1-Aciers Inoxydables Austénitiques M1-Aciers Inoxydables Austénitiques
  • P1-Aciers non alliés P1-Aciers non alliés
  • P2-4-Aciers faiblement alliés-De décolletage P2-4-Aciers faiblement alliés-De décolletage
  • P2-Aciers faiblement alliés P2-Aciers faiblement alliés

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  • Drill diameter Ø : 4.1
  • Handle diameter or CM : 4.1
  • Total length : 55
  • Trimmed length : 13
  • Quantity No. pieces per sales unit : 1
  • PCB By How Much M3 : 10
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