Tapered carbide milling cutter (mini) -TivolyNorm -Normal cut -Chip cutter -D shape

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High performance carbide file cutter milling. Versatile use thanks to its substrate and diamond tooth geometry. Made in France.

  • Carbide head
  • Chip breaker teeth
  • Queue cylindrique 3 mm
  • Fraise carbure monobloc


  • Corded Drill Corded Drill
  • Cordless Screwdriver Cordless Screwdriver
  • Pneumatic drill Pneumatic drill


  • Solid carbide (tool material) Solid carbide (tool material)
  • Shiny appearance (uncoated) Shiny appearance (uncoated)
  • Tivoly standard norm Tivoly standard norm
  • Denture normale Denture normale
  • Cylindrical attachment Cylindrical attachment


  • H- Steels & Darmed Fonts H- Steels & Darmed Fonts
  • K- Ferrous Cast iron with Short Chips K- Ferrous Cast iron with Short Chips
  • M- Stainless steels M- Stainless steels
  • P- Ferrous Long Chip Steels P- Ferrous Long Chip Steels
  • S- Super Refractary Alloys S- Super Refractary Alloys

Sector of Activity

  • Distributer Distributer
  • Aeronautics Aeronautics


  • Tungsten carbide head: ground in a grade of carbide especially suited for high rotation speeds.

  • Chip-breaking teeth: teeth designed for their high versatility, diamond cutting for the excellent breaking up of chips.

  • Carbure monobloc : Carbure de tungstène

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Tapered carbide milling cutter (mini) -TivolyNorm -Normal cut -Chip cutter -D shape
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